Speech Pathology

The speech pathology team supports students who have difficulties relating to communication, and/or eating and drinking. Speech pathologists work within transdisciplinary teams to embed best practice strategies within learning programs. This means, students work towards their communication goals throughout the whole school day.  


At Endeavour Hills Specialist School, speech pathologists:  


  • Assess student communication and mealtime needs.
  • Collaborate with class teams to develop educational programs.
  • Provide training to school staff, families, and the community in the areas of communication and mealtimes.
  • Collaborate with external therapists to support consistency across environments.
  • Support the implementation of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems, alongside families and external speech pathologists.
  • Are committed to building a communication accessible community and supporting all students to become autonomous communicators.


Endeavour Hills Specialist School promotes a multi-modal communication environment. Speech pathologists are experienced in using various AAC strategies, such as: 


  • Robust communication systems that include, but not limited to: 

    - Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display (PODD) Systems.

    - LAMP Words For Life.

    - Unity.

    - Proloquo2go.

    - Word Power.

  • Key Word Sign.
  • Intensive Interaction.
  • Informal communication strategies.

In addition to general communication, the speech pathology team are also skilled in supporting students who have complex mealtime needs. They assess and prescribe mealtime plans for students, which ensure all mealtimes are safe, enjoyable and encourage skill development.