Lower Secondary

Literacy, Numeracy, Integrated Studies and Social Skills are the primary focus subjects of learning for this School. Using different learning strategies and techniques, our teachers aim to expand the knowledge base of our students and further develop and expand on the skills they gained in Upper Primary. 


In the Lower Secondary School, all lessons revolve around a termly theme - our current one "Feathers, Furs & Fins". All subjects are taught with this theme in mind - which gives our students the level of consistency and repetition they require when learning new skills and knowledge. 


On Monday afternoons, all our staff and students gather for an assembly. Students present their talents to their peers, and awards are given out to celebrate student successes. 


Classes begin each day with Circle Time, where students "check in" with their teacher and class mates. Activities vary from class to class, but the objective is the same across the School - to have a consistent start to the day that enables the students to reset and get them in the right frame of mind to make the most out of their learning for that day.