Life Skills

Learning a wide range of life skills that apply to many areas of life is critical. There are endless life skills to learn which will betaught and practiced at home, school, and in the community. Areas of focus for our students include; 


  • Health and safety
  • Career path and employment
  • Self-determination/advocacy
  • Peer relationships, socialization and social communication
  • Community participation and personal finance
  • Transportation
  • Leisure/recreation
  • Home living skills


The main objective of these programs is to build our students' independence and lessen the amount they will need to rely on an adult as they get older. At EHSS, we hope to achieve this by:


  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Working on Self-Care Skills
  • Teaching our students to Ask for a Break
  • Practicing Money Skills
  • Teaching Community Safety Skills and 
  • Building Leisure Skills