Visual Art


 Our Visual Arts program is based on explicit teaching and encouraging students to take risks   with their creativity and imagination.  The school has five art rooms with two full-time visual   art teachers who provide a differentiated and bespoke visual arts program that supports the   diverse learning abilities of the students from Foundation to our Senior School.


 Combining both theory and practice, the visual arts program   supports the students to link their artwork with Australian and   international artists focusing on a large variety of methods and   techniques.  The students will be exposed to and experience   artistic techniques in drawing, painting, collage, textiles, 3D   construction and printmaking, as well as consolidating the   design elements and principles. 


 We believe that the process of making is just as important as   the end artistic result and as such we proudly display student   photos of ‘making’ alongside the student artworks throughout   the school.  This promotes pride in our students and elicits an    appreciation of the arts for all our students.